Alfalfa hay

Forage for horses can be separated into two classes—grasses and legumes. Grasses you’re likely acquainted with incorporate orchardgrass, timothy, and bermudagrass and are long and stemmy. Forage legumes, for example, clover and alfalfa, are individuals from the pea family and, in this way, are cousins of peanuts and garbanzo beans.

Alfalfa is an enduring vegetable, developed in many districts of Pakistan, and India. for horses and other domesticated animals.



Wheat straw

Pakistan is one of the top makers of wheat on the planet. Wheat mostly grows in Sindh and Punjab Province. We have our own wheat cropland where we produce 1000 tons of wheat. Wheat Straw is the side-effect of the wheat and we can flexibly as much as it is required. The item we will give you is organic and fit for animal consumption. Besides, on the off chance that you have particular necessities of bundle size, we will deal with the pressing in like manner. we will give all the important testing and affirmation required for your nation.



Rice Bran

Rice bran is a by-product of the milling of rice. It consists mostly of the bran layer and germ of the rice with some fragments of hull and broken rice.



Rhodes grass

Rhodes grass is basically a tropical grass that is widely used as feeding source as a fresh or dry fodder of farm animals in tropical and subtropical countries. We’ve selected Rhodes grass seeds due to their ability to maximize those elements that help you in yielding a large quantity of Rhodes grass.



Cotton Seed Cake

There are numerous dairy feeds across this country which farmers use for various purposes including, maintenance of livestock health, improving milk production, increasing body weight and for the growth and health of unborn calves. But of all these dairy feed components, the cottonseed cake is a different deal altogether.