Zohaib Enterprise. Pakistan production process is a state of the art high tech machines, concentrating the most modern and efficient solutions in the industry. Although Zohaib Enterprise uses the most advanced machines but the real breakthrough to encompasses a revolutionary approach to rice processing. Through a strict quality and efficiency control of every production phase and a totally new production layout, Zohaib Enterprise is able to run a “zero waste” operation. The rice squanders which are created at each phase of the procedure is reused for greatest effectiveness and absolute condition conservation.

Whiteness, polish, sorting, and broken percentage as per client requirements. Zohaib Enterprise is a major producer and exporter of the following rice varieties:

• Super Basmati Rice
• Super Basmati Rice (Par-Boiled)
• Long Grain Basmati
• Long Grain Basmati (Par-Boiled)
• Non-basmati Fragrant Rice
• Non –Basmati Fragrant Rice (Par-Boiled)
• 100{338ed6a8303fbb2e0cc4eee35fe0af07cc6d6ada634888a4be4bdef68b9eb35b} Broken Rice

Certified Quality
Zohaib Enterprise offers to its customers a carefully selected rice, obtained through a precise hi-tech process, always respecting world-class standards and recognized by national and international institutions.

Rice packaging : 1kg, 3kg, 5kg, 25kg, 50kg


Super Kernel Basmati

Super Kernel Basmati is an assortment of long grain rice developed in India and Pakistan, eminent for its fragrance and delicate, nuanced flavor. Its name signifies “the fragrant one” in Sanskrit, yet it can likewise signify “the delicate rice.” India and Pakistan are the biggest cultivators and exporters of this rice; it is fundamentally developed through paddy field farming in the Punjab district.

The grains of basmati rice are longer than most different kinds of rice. Cooked grains of Basmati rice are characteristically free-streaming as opposed to clingy, similarly as with most long-grain rice. Cooked basmati rice can be remarkably distinguished by its fragrance. Basmati rice is accessible in two assortments – white and brown



Basmati D-98

D-98 Basmati Rice from Sindh Province of Pakistan is likewise referred to the world as ‘Sindhi Basmati’. Due to its extra-long length, rich pearl white shading, and exceptionally sweet-smelling grain, it is in more demand now than PKR 385 basmati rice. This kind of rice is an indispensable food for the number of inhabitants in the world today and is considered perhaps the best sort of basmati now known.






Long Grain IRRRI-6 White Rice

This long grain variety is inferior to others grades of non-basmati and is generally supplied in bulk shipments to African regions.







Long Grain IRRRI-9 White Rice

Many people prefer the muggy touch this rice has to offer. Much of Pakistan’s export of IRRI-9 goes to the Middle East.







100{338ed6a8303fbb2e0cc4eee35fe0af07cc6d6ada634888a4be4bdef68b9eb35b} Broken Rice

100{338ed6a8303fbb2e0cc4eee35fe0af07cc6d6ada634888a4be4bdef68b9eb35b} broken rice is available in both basmati broken and non-basmati white broken grades. Suiting the needs, this broken Pakistani rice is using in making rice flour free from gluten.